Luca Nardi playing Electric Bass


Luca Nardi was born in Livorno, Tuscany, Italy.


He started to play bass at the “Salesiani” school in Livorno with direction from the legendary Don Antonio.


Playing Rock, Blues, Pop, Folk and Heavy in local bands in Tuscany.


Playing with “Soul Society” and Mimmo Mollica.


Plays with Pinetop Perkins in Chicago (Muddy Waters‘ piano player, 2 blues Grammy Awards 2005 and 2008), Sharon Clarke and Sam Goode.


Plays with Nick Becattini and “Serious Fun”. Best new Italian band 1995 (Musica Jazz Magazine). On tour with Keith Dunn in France, Italy, Netherlands and Belgium. With “Serious Fun” several tours. Also plays with Carey Bell, Michael Coleman, Peaches Statten, Lanny McMillan, Shay Jones, Andy J.Forest.


On tour with Rudy Rotta Band who was on tour with Brian Auger and Zora Young. The Rudy Rotta Band played in England, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Austria. Recorded by BBC for the Blues Archive.


In Belfast with “THEM” (ex Van Morrison band) of Eric Wrixon. He played everywhere in Europe.


Plays again with the Rudy Rotta Band.


Plays again with THEM.

Plays with CPB No.1 of Charly Bereiter, Austrian producer


He formed his band “Chromojungle” with pianist Dominik Blöchl recording at fruitbowl stewdio, South Germany. Worked as session bass player at Modular Master Studio, Livorno. On tour with Alligator Nail, CPB from Austria, Chuelee (4 golden discs in Switzerland) and Treves Blues Band, the most popular blues band in Italy.

Luca Nardi currently lives and teaches in Freiburg, South Germany.

Luca was jamming with Lucky Peterson, Sugar Blue, Eugenio Finardi, Elisabeth Lee.

Luca Nardi playing 5 string Electric Bass


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